Remedy for functional disorders of kidneys and urinary tract,
based purely on herbal active ingredients,
acting causally and dissolving all types of stones.


Then thousands of patients in many countries in Europe, Africa and Asia have experienced the smooth and sustainable benefit of OSPAren® when suffering from stone disease.

OSPAren® is indicated by medical specialist, particularly

  • for prevention of stone formation,
  • for non-invasive excretion of small concrements
  • for follow-up after an extra- or intracorporeal physical intervention

The effective and harmless treatment is well documented in several expert reports.


  • non infectious nephritis
  • pyelitis
  • nephrolithiasis
  • stone formation in the urinary tract
  • kidney dysfunction


first 4 weeks: 3 x 2 drg per day
from 5th week: 3 x 1 drg per day


Sealed bottle containing 100 dragées

OSPAren ®